Our Kauai Vacation

Sunday 10/23 - 2:40pm (Hawaii Time)
We are very much enjoying our time on the island of Kauai! As opposed to sending out tons of postcards that would arrive about the same we do, we will be making occasional posts to the website so you all can see what and how we are doing! :) Here are a few quick teaser pictures while we go finish off today on the beach...
First, the view from our bed in the Marriott Resort where we are staying (THANKS GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!!!).
Then, a picture of the two of us on our balcony.
Us at the Gaylord's Breakfast Buffet.
A scenic mountain on the South East side of the island.
Some beautiful clouds as well...
Last, a view of the Courtyard insite our Resort.
More to come... :)

Tuesday 10/25 - 9:30pm (HT)
Hey all! Just got home this evening from our Luau which was pretty awesome. We are having an amazing time here, but also missing home and all of you. Here are just a few more pictures so you can see what we have been doing. :)
Spent some time on the beach
There are chickens and roosters EVERYWHERE!
Crusin' Kauai in our '05 Mustang... :)
Scenic Overlook... I hear there is snow in PA and MD :P

Wednesday 10/26 - 9:20pm (HT)
Aloha! We had an awesome time today. We got to both Snuba dive (like Scuba but no certifications needed) and went on a Sunset Cruise/tour of the Na Pali Coast... But now it is bed time... G'night!

Friday 10/28 - 7:20am (HT)
No more pictures this time... Unfortunatly, we are currently spending our last few hours on this beautiful island. Soon we will get back on a plane and not land back in Maryland until early Saturday morning. Can't wait to see you all soon! God bless!