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Wedding Plans

Two lives, two hearts; joined together in friendship, united together in love.
~ ~ ~
This day I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for and love.

The following is our "wish list" from Gerald Henn. Since Gerald Henn does not have an on-line registy, we have worked it out so that you can order things by calling Julie Freeman. All you have to do is call her at 301-865-7284 or e-mail her at freeman12563@aol.com and tell her the product number, description and the quantity you would like to order along with your name and phone number and she will contact you about payment and then place the order for us. If you would like to see what Gerald Henn is all about, you can check out their website at http://www.hennworkshops.com. Have a great day!
Order Code Quantity Item Descrition Price
HG1084 8 3 Cranberry Three-Piece Place Setting
(1 Dinner Plate, 1 Salad Plate, 1 Porridge Bowl)
SCB36 4 3 Cranberry Large Soup Mug (Set of 2) $22.99
SCB83 1 Cranberry Salt & Pepper Shaker Set $39.99
SCB32 1 Cranberry Two-Quart Pitcher $49.99
SCB73 1 Cranberry 13" Oval Platter $42.99
SCB731 1 Cranberry Petite Platter $35.99
SCB58 1 Cranberry Large Gravy Boat $42.99
SCB86 1 Cranberry Sugar Bowl with Lid $28.99
SCB43 1 Cranberry Spoon Rest $19.99
SCB92 1 Cranberry Large Pasta Bowl $66.99
SCB06 1 Cranberry 6" Mixing Bowl $27.99
SCB08 1 Cranberry 8" Mixing Bowl $36.99
SCB10 1 Cranberry 10" Mixing Bowl $50.99
SCB90 1 Cranberry Small Pasta Bowls (Set of 2) $42.99
SCB118 1 Cranberry Large Heart Bowl $49.99
CBR1510 1 Cranberry One-Quart Crock Candle $42.99
WI1006 1 Wrought Iron Heart Stand $34.99